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Opportunity Program

Levels mission is to build an accessible conference for all, which includes being welcoming, diverse, accessible, and low-cost. We are happy to offer an Opportunity Program which is fueled by our awesome sponsors.

Levels recognises that the technology industry at large has a diversity and inclusion problem. We have worked hard to ensure that Levels is inclusive for all.

  • We have an enforceable Code of Conduct
  • An Accessibility Pledge
  • We have a great reputation for diversity and inclusion with the JuniorDev Community
  • Cater for dietary requirements
  • And more to happen on the day...

Our Opportunity Program extends to members of underrepresented groups in tech, including, but not limited to women, LGBTQI+, Indigenous Australians, Immigrants, people with disabilities and neurodiverse people.

Levels is crafted for Junior Developers, and we know that at this early stage of our careers, that we’re not flushed with the software developer cash-ola of our Senior peers. We understand that the cost of a ticket to Levels is can be prohibitive, and our Opportunity Program extends to those who are unable to attend without financial assistance.


Our Opportunity program does not include the cost of travel or accommodation.

Our Opportunity Program is made possible by selected sponsors who have directly contributed to providing tickets for our Opportunity Program.

What happens next

All applicants will contacted by June 24 on the status of the Opportunity Ticket. Please ensure is saved to your contact list and you register your ticket by the date provided in the email.

Many thanks

We would love to thank JSConfAu for setting the precedent and bar high, for an inclusive Opportunity Program, in which we have used their guidelines to form the basis of our own.

These opportunity program tickets have been made possible through the generosity of these amazing companies.

Get in touch.

If you’d like to discuss the details above please reach out.

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