Send Your Juniors to Levels!

Levels is for Junior Developers, send ‘em along to this first of it’s kind, one off event!

Why Levels?

Levels mission is to build a community of strong, confident and incredible developers. We’re start at the beginning, with an accessible, diverse, and inclusive conference for Junior Developers. This isn’t really the start though, for us or our attendees. We’ve been hard at work on this mission for two years as the JuniorDev Community, where we’ve seen hundreds of Junior Developers come to over thirty free events in Melbourne, and the Juniors, they’ve been learning, challenging themselves, and growing, every single day.

Levels isn’t like other conferences, at only $120 it’s packed full of value. Everything you expect from a world class conference, with the JuniorDev spin. It’s on a Saturday, allowing all Junior Developers a greater chance to attend, and the content is crafted for #JuniorsFirst.

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Technology changes so fast, and we have so much to explore, conferences are great places to be exposed to new tech, and deep dive into topics we work in everyday. Our talks are selected to be relevant, engaging, and what makes Levels special is that the speakers provide context so that those with less experience can get the most out of it.

The talks are not beginner talks, and they are not delivered only by Junior Developers either. We’re excited to have an incredible lineup of speakers from all over the world. Checkout out our speakers here.

From the prepared talks to the ad-hoc lunch time conversations, Levels is a knowledge building experience. The value of having peers at a similar stage in their career path is valuable to both the individual and the organisation they are within. We learn, support, and help each other, as a result, grow together.

Junior Developers are the Seniors of tomorrow. Investing in their careers early will feed back into your own organisation immediately as well as help contribute to the wider industry by helping build confident, clever and awesome developers.

Give Back!

Your Junior Developers are pretty awesome, and an Appreciation Slackbot and beers on Fridays are cool, but nothing shows the love more than laying down a little cash on something cool for them...

And that cool thing this July is Levels!

Only got one Junior? That’s great! Send your Junior along! We’ve created a welcoming and inclusive event where they’ll make new friends.

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Let’s Go!

Ready to grab the tickets? Awesome! We don’t recommend forcing your Junior into attending on their Saturday day off of course, but we do recommend phrasing your offer to send them in an inclusive way! Junior Developers don’t always have the confidence to put their hand up to say, “me, me, I want to go”. We can be beautifully complicated.

Some suggestions:

“We’ve got tickets to Levels Conf, a conference for Junior Developers, are you free on Saturday July 7th to attend?”

“We’re placing the order for tickets for Levels Conf, I’ll put you down for one if you’re happy to go on Saturday the 7th of July?”

It’s also great to purchase the ticket for your Junior, rather than having them do it and reimbursed it.

Our registration process allows you to make the payment and then send an email so that the Junior can fill out their details, as we have a few questions about dietary requirements and the likes!


Thank you for sending your Juniors to Levels Conf! This first of it’s kind, one off conference, is going to be something really special, and we’re so excited to host this amazing group of people!

100 percent

Junior Devs Come First!

We're Australia's first conference crafted for building technical careers, from the very beginning.

Our goal is to bring together the Developer community of Australia and beyond. We aim to give people a platform to share, grow and connect, regardless of experience level.

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