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Tess Elation

Melbourne, Australia

Tess is a lifelong nerd who has recently become a developer. She is currently a developer at REA Group, working with ruby in a microservice-like architecture. Prior to this she completed the Web Development Immersive course at General Assembly. She is particularly interested in Domain Driven Design and how DevOps practices interact with the real world. In her spare time she cross stitches and plays video games while her cat fights for space on her lap.


Jason O'Neil

Perth, Australia

Jason lives in Perth and works remotely as a front-end software engineer for Culture Amp where he helps build an employee feedback platform used by companies like AirBNB and Slack. He loves thinking about ways we can improve developer experience, and make it easier and faster for us to make high quality, accessible websites and apps.


Laura Munro

Wellington, New Zealand

Designer turned developer, Laura is a front-end developer from Wellington, New Zealand. She's been working with css since ages ago and loves to talk typography, UX, and everything sci-fi. She currently works as a digital unicorn at Xequals, primarily working with Drupal and a less-is-more methodology, meaning the less code written, the better. Laura is also the organiser of the Wellington CSS meetup.


Dasith Wijesiriwardena

Melbourne, Australia

Dasith is an experienced full stack .NET developer, working with Microsoft technologies for over a decade. These days he works closely with Azure and AWS offerings to design and deliver cloud based solutions. Dasith focuses on good design principles, manageable codebases, scalability and always writes clean, testable and reusable code. He currently works at Readify as a senior developer consulting for clients of varying sizes.


Cathy Lill

Newcastle, Australia

Cathy is the front end lead at Data61/CSIRO working on all kinds of projects from WebRTC to machine learning tools to cyber security. Cathy has been building stuff for the web since the late 90's. Her previous work includes the Canvas WYSIWYG email editor at Campaign Monitor, the responsive redesign for Yahoo!7 network, creating interactive components for the network and rebuilding the front end for Collins Dictionary.



Sydney, Australia

Daisy is currently working as a front-end developer at Domain and in her free time explores the world of creative coding. She started her career as a "Fiver" at Google's Creative Lab where she was part of a team experimenting with technology and creative ideas. She spent last year working in London, as a creative developer for Stink Studios and Wonderbly. Most of all, she loves everything to do with design, creativity and all things interactive.


Quincy Larson

Oklahoma, United States

If you’ve ever searched the words “learn” and “code”, then you’ve undoubtedly come across Founded in 2014 after Quincy’s own learn to code journey, this grassroots not-for-profit has become one of the most supportive and inclusive communities both online and off. These values form the basis of FCC, with real world non-profits as the final project, and the whole platform being open sourced. We’re super excited to host Quincy for his first time in Australia as the Levels Conf 2018 keynote speaker!


Shuying Lin

Melbourne, Australia

Shuying is a multidisciplinary software developer based in Melbourne. She has been working on IoT products, making cross-platform applications and helping with product management for the past few years. She is also no stranger to entrepreneurial endeavours, running a UX consulting business, building startup MVPs and improving existing product experiences.

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